Free Positivity@Work
Lunch and Learns

The science is clear, happier people are healthier, more creative, are nicer to be around, give more and consider themselves luckier.  It doesn’t take much to be just that little bit happier in your life, in your work or in your community.


The FREE 1 hour sessions are a great first step to introducing Positivity into your life, workplace or community.  They are perfect for anyone wishing to get more living out of their life!  The sessions introduce the science of wellbeing and Positive Psychology through meaningful conversations, thought provoking activities and wellbeing strategies.


The sessions are designed so that you will leave with a science backed strategy to use immediately in your own life.   The world needs more brave and caring people like you so come along, connect and learn a skill for life.


Can’t wait to connect and bring on the Positivity!

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