• Tracy Duggan

A Space for Flourishing

“Positive psychology” – what is it? What it definitely is not is “Happyology” or – being happy all the time – because – “they lock you up for that!

“Positive psychology is about identifying what makes people flourish and live their best life – at home, at work and within the community” – Dr Suzy Green

I recently completed the first 6 days of a Diploma in Positive Psychology and well-being and there is so much I want to tell the world about! Starting with “Why”, why did I decide to do this diploma? It’s an area I have been interested in for awhile, even though I didn’t know it had a name. I am fascinated with people who seem to live their lives at a slower pace with what it seems more purpose. Those people who easily express gratitude and kindness and who seem to effortlessly make authentic connections and embody the “the glass half full” lifestyle.

Positive psychology, in layman’s terms, is about giving yourself the time to be present, its about flourishing, not just functioning and its about becoming the best version of yourself you can be. I have conversations with people who ask “How are you?” and my standard reply is “busy, I’ve been sooo busy”. I want to fill my life with more than just “busy”. I want to get my spark back and start to be the best ME I can be. Positive psychology is giving me a tool-kit full of strategies, ideas and possibilities to help me do this. I want to be a one of those people who is passionate about the way they live their lives and the effect it has on their families, friends, workplaces and communities!

So, to give me somewhere to put all my thoughts and ideas, My Flourishing Space has arrived. I have started my journey and I will keep you posted on what I learn and how you can benefit from it.

Stay tuned and until next time, do something kind for someone or yourself!

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