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Daily Gratitude

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

I was completely and involuntarily taken over by emotion this morning. I found myself weeping on my way to work. Am I menopausal, I don’t think so. Am I sad, upset, worried about something – I don’t think so, well nothing more than usual. Am I about to have something happen to me and this is the universe’s way of getting me ready – I hope not!

I, like you all, am affected on a daily basis by what is going on in the world around me including the stupidity and egos of people in power, the state of our climate, terrible disasters on the other side of the world, Oh and whether or not to have Botox? But this morning I started to well up, got emotional and then I cried, not because I was sad, but because I was completely overwhelmed by the accumulation of the many moments of positivity I experienced this morning.

I woke to my alarm @ 6.00am and then snoozed until 6.30am. In that ½ an hour I was ½ asleep, but was ½ awake. You know, that space where you are, what I call “think dreaming”. I grabbed my trusty notebook and jotted down some ideas for writing.

I am staying at a friend’s house that has a loft with a little balcony where the sun is peeking over the wall and touching the vegies that are growing in pots. I watered the plants and took pleasure in seeing the water droplets bead on the leaves and shivered when the water spilled on my bare-feet.

Breakfast was next with fresh bread bought yesterday, smashed avo, ripe tomato, a sprinkle of lemon, salt and pepper, a cup of coffee and I was set. A quick photo for “insta” (see above) and a place on the floor where I could spread out a magazine and savour my breakfast.

The moments continued:

  • My hair being straight so that I don’t have to fiddle with it much.

  • My shirt which I ironed last night so I don’t have to this morning.

  • The lorikeets picking seeds from the seed bell on the window sill.

  • My friend who is letting me park in her garage.

  • The song which came on the radio “Glorious” by Macklemore –

  • My lack of inhibition as I sang my heart out with my windows open and my roof slid back.

  • The free park only a short distance from my work.

  • My hot soy cap and a delightful chat with a curious 4 year old (this was what pushed me over the edge).

The smallest things have the ability, if noticed and savoured, to boost our positive emotions and make us feel absolutely amazing and it doesn’t cost a thing – Oh, except the coffee!!

Spend some time noticing, even just a couple of things. Call them little wins, positive moments or daily gratitudes, but notice because the more you notice, the more there will be to notice – the brain is wired that way!

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