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Kindness on ANZAC day

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Today we went for breakfast at a lovely Café down on Bellambi Beach called Olives. Me, my husband Paul and Jasper our boxer.

It’s a practice I love as it gives me the opportunity to do many of the things that boost my positive emotions and happiness:

· I get to put my feet in the water

· I get to watch Jasper run and play with his beach mates

· I get to enjoy the best Almond Cappuccino in my area

· I get to eat a delicious breakfast

· I get to spend precious time with Paul

· I get to speak to other diners and pat their dogs and smile at their kids

I also get to sit and appreciate what this area has to offer and I am especially grateful today being ANZAC Day. I’m grateful for all the people that served and fought for me and this country both in the past and those who are in the defence force in the present.

I get to do all these things and enjoy my life because others sacrificed theirs. I am inspired by their courage and kindness and can spread a little kindness of my own by giving 3 of my Kindness Cards to the café and donating 3 coffees so they can give these to people that come in today. Who knows a serving person either past or present may get a free coffee today.

Yours in Kindness

The Positive PA

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