• Tracy Duggan

New Year Resolutions...

Now Christmas is over we are fast approaching the time when we all reflect on the past year, look to next year and set our goals, intentions and resolutions. Most of my friends and family have adamantly told me that this year they are not bothering, but I say bother but think about your resolutions a little differently this year.

Most people set rather vague and uninspiring resolutions – I will lose weight, I will stop drinking as much, I will cut out sugar, carbs, fat etc, I will give-up smoking, I will not watch as much TV, but all of these intentions contain no focus and quite negative words which do not turn our brain’s on and are doomed to failure.

Why not try and mix it up a bit??

Instead of “I will lose weight” what about I will try 15 mins of exercise everyday. Exercising even a little will have a positive effect on the way you feel about yourself. Just take one day at a time and remember that all the little wins are wins just the same!

Instead of “I will stop drinking as much” What about I will drink when I am out socialising, but not on my own or I will have at least 3 days a week where I choose to be alcohol free.

Instead of “I will cut out sugar, carbs, fat etc” What about I will choose the foods I love and appreciate and savour them more. Choose something naughty, but take the time to use all your senses to smell, see, hear, touch and taste slowly and deeply each mouthful. You may even find that you don’t need as much of the naughty food!

Instead of “I will give-up smoking” What about I will think about all the money you will save which you could spend on experiences not necessarily things.

Instead of “I will not watch as much TV” What about spending some quality time with friends and family instead, even it if is just to get the scoop on the next binge worthy show on Netflix!

Happy Resolution Setting!

Be kind and courageous and I’ll speak to you soon.

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